There are essentially three steps involved in creating your website:-
The first step is to register your 'domain name', e.g., this is the name by which your website will be know and will be unique to you.
The choice of name is entirely up to you, as long as it has not already been registered, although you will probably want to choose something similar to your current business name.
The charge for handling the domain name registration is 20 for a ''. This covers registration for two years after which it will need to be renewed every two years. '.com', '.biz' or other types of address can also be set up, but '' is usually the most appropriate for small UK businesses (and also the lowest cost!).
The second step is the design of the actual web pages which will be displayed on your website. The content and style will be created specifically for your business. Existing product brochures and photographs are a good starting point but you can include whatever pictures and wording you require. The cost will depend on the number and complexity of the pages, for the simplest website this can be as low as 100 but 250 is a more typical cost. In any event a firm quotation will be supplied once the scope of the required work is known.
Once the content of the website is to your satisfaction the third step is the 'hosting' or publication of your website so that it will be available to everyone on the Internet. There is an annual charge of 50 for this for as long as you require the website.