I have found that one of the most effective way to direct customers to a website is to include the address ( www.mybiz.co.uk for example) in all your advertisements in the local press, Yellow Pages or other local directories. This is where people will usually look first for local enterprises. They can then, by looking at your website, immediately find out everything about your company and what you have to offer them.
If you scan through the small ads you will notice that many businesses already have their own websites. Your competition could be getting business from customers who have seen their website and not bother to look any further!


It is a good idea to include your website address on your business cards, headed paper, shop front or on the side of your van - anywhere where it will seen by potential customers.


It is also possible to include link to your website from other websites such as trade associations or on-line local directories.


Finally, your site can be registered with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista etc. so that customers can find your website when searching the Internet for your type of business.